We offer special pricing to all law enforcement agencies and to all correctional institutions. In addition to products listed in this section, we will provide any other products listed on our web site and we also offer to custom make any case that you need that will meet your requirements. We understand that every agency may want something a little bit different to meet their requirements and we are willing to work with each of you. We would appreciate in hearing from you and hope we can supply you with your next order. REMEMBER, SPECIAL PRICING TO ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES AND CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTIONS. PLEASE CALL. 386 755 6481 PLEASE CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING!!! PLEASE CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING FOR ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES AND CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTIONS!!!!!!!
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I hope you look over all the information here, and we will continue to add more products. However all products listed on our web site is available for special pricing. REMEMBER!! ALL PRODUCTS ARE MANUFACTURED HERE IN LAKE CITY, FLORIDA, NO IMPORTS!!. Again, we thank you for looking.